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Dyn Vote is useful for research centers, universities, bloggers, organizations of media, sports, health and more!

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إذا كنت مدخناً، فكم عدد السجائر التي تستهلكها في اليوم الواحد؟
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Created 2 years ago by Sec 2 Ad
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What is the most interesting topic/content for you on Twitter/Internet?
45 have voted
Created 3 years ago by Dyn Vote
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How many times do you run a week?
46 have voted
Created 3 years ago by Muwakaba
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About & Contact
Dyn Vote provides real-time voting service. You can register your email address to receive the details of the polls you generate.

Generating a new poll is a simple process, from the Generate tab, fill the voting content and choices.

Voting age is calculated by hours as a unit, it ranges from few seconds (0.01 hour) to one year. If you don't fill the age or if you set it to out of range value, it will be automatically set to 30 days (default age).

The voting content and choices are uneditable after generation to avoid rigging context/results. However, you can contact us to edit them from our side - if that won't affect the context and results.

After generating your poll, you will have 4 options to share/manage it as below:
To share your poll on Dyn Vote website, just share the below link:
To integrate your poll into your website, visit the integration page:
To delete your poll, just click or paste into your browser address bar the generated link below:
To undo the deletion of your poll, just paste into your browser address bar the generated link below:
To update the age of the poll, paste into your browser address bar the generated link below with the updated age:

Dyn Vote is the first solution has been kicked off by Muwakaba. It is a real-time web-based voting system concerns dynamic voting to provide a robust way to evaluate an opinion. Users can generate polls and share them within Dyn Vote website or integrate them into different websites easily and securely. Using Dyn Vote is completely free!

Dyn Vote provides:


• No registration required. The system uses the email to save the poll details at the creator side, and the computer cookies to store the voted choice at the voter side

• Polls can be generated in a matter of seconds

• No limit on the number of polls you generate, the number of voters and the poll duration

• The age of the generated poll can be extended or shortened

• Voting on choices needs only a single mouse click

• Stay tuned by email and receive notifications for all actions/changes you make on the poll


• Real-time update (2 seconds refresh rate) for the voting results change within Dyn Vote website

• Real-time update (2 seconds refresh rate) for the actions made by the poll creator like: extending/shortening age, deleting poll or undo poll deletion

• It is running smoothly as it is fully AJAXed

• The voter can easily undo the previous vote and also re-vote again


• The generated polls can be shared within Dyn Vote website

• The generated polls can be integrated into different websites to serve their voting needs

• Generate, share and integrate unlimited polls for free!

• The integrated polls can be customized with different colors, sizes, fonts and more CSS properties

Browser Viewing & Compatibility:

• Dyn Vote is a cross browser system which is supported on all desktop browsers including the old versions like IE7

• Unfortunately, till now we haven't started any mobile version. However, it is viewable on mobile devices and operates very well because it has a light size (loading size is around 150 KB)

Where to use Dyn Vote?

Dyn Vote could be used at several places like research centers, universities, schools, blogs, organizations of media, sports, health, etc.

A short example about usage in schools/universities:

If you are going to use Dyn Vote at schools or universities, then after generation the poll, you can share it with students at the class to get immediate results about a certain topic (like deciding most suitable exam date or rate a specific teaching plan). The instructor and students will be enjoying watching the immediate/quick change in results. On the other hand, the instructor can integrate the generated poll into his/her university webpage to get the visitors' feedback. Polls integrated can be customized with different colors and sizes to suit the webpage style.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiry. We'd love to hear from you!

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This agreement governs the use of the Dyn Vote service ("Service") provided by Muwakaba Ltd. ("Muwakaba") registered in Somerest House, 6070 Birmingham Bhsiness, Park Birmingham, West Midlands, B37 7BF, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Muwakaba has the right to update these terms at any time without any prior notice to users. Using the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. By using the Service you are agreeing to the following terms.

Last Update: September 21, 2014.


Your privacy is our main concern. All information you share when using the Service is confidential. The Service usually are communicating with you via your email account, so you are responsible for securing your email credentials. Computer cookies are used to store the required data to run the Service, so if you turn off the cookies of your computer, we can't guarantee that the Service will operate correctly.

Shared Content

The Service offer the content sharing through the API. It is your responsibility to keep the credentials in a safe place to keep the content you share safe. The content shared on the Service is originating from the users and we are not responsible for it. The content you fill when using the Service that are published and seen by others on the web must not be annoying, racial, fake, protected by someone else's copyright or against religions. Violating the terms of the shared content will result in removing the violated content without any prior notice to the user. Please contact us to report any content that you feel violates the terms of the shared content.


We try out best to keep the free Service secure and out of bugs, but you use it at your own risk.

Customization and Debugging

The Service might have some bugs, so we would be very glad to hear from you about any bug you face while using the Service. On the other hand, we like to stay tuned with the users to know about their preferences and any suggested enhancements. We are taking all opinions in regards and we will answer all inquiries as early as possible.

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